Welcome to THE NO NICHE!

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Read below to learn more about me.

As you may have already learned, my name is Marianne Buonopane, and this is my blog about, well, whatever ends up here! The beauty behind having a blog titled “No Niche” is that I’m not pigeonholed to talk about one thing, I have no niche!

This no niche mentality truly comes from my life thus far. Giving elevator pitches is the hardest thing in the world because I cannot describe myself in a one-minute blurb. I’m into books, fashion, beauty, Taylor Swift, 2010’s pop music, politics, podcasts, social media, and learning new things! Sensing a trend here?

To give a more concrete description of myself, I can share that I’m from South Carolina, specifically the Upstate. In May of 2021 I graduated from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, with a Bachelor of Art in English and Writing. I then moved to Charleston, SC where I currently reside and work in recruiting and write for pleasure.

There you have it! There’s my introduction. Follow me down rabbit holes via my blog or by following me on social media. I spend quite a bit of time there.

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